TMK UP PF ET is a versatile and reliable premium connection for critical casing and tubing applications in deviated and horizontal wells, including use in casing rotation, casing drilling and high-compression frac strings. The PF ET design expands upon that of the successful TMK UP PF connection, boasting enhanced compression and torque ratings, making it the ideal connection to use in applications requiring extreme bending and continuous pipe rotation.

TMK UP PF ET OD sizes — from 114.3 to 346.08 mm.

Cone-on-Cone Metal-to-Metal Seal
- provides a reliable, gas-tight sealing barrier
- seal integrity unaffected by high compression
Result: Maintains gas-tight sealability through numerous make-ups and break-outs

Internal Torque Shoulder
- excellent protection from over-torqueing
- provides an additional sealing barrier
- allows for rotation up to 80% of yield torque
Result: high resistance to severe bending, compression stresses, and excessive torque; designed for casing drilling, rotation through long laterals, and harsh HPHT wells

Hooked Thread Form
- Increased tension and compression efficiences
- High bending capacity and evenly distributed stresses
- High torque capability for rotating downhole
Result: Minimized possibility of cross-threading or galling; allows for high performance in multiple oil and gas well applications

Reliable Make-Up
- deep-stabbing & quick, easy make-up
- ability to vary rotation speed during assembly
- Result: Increased control during make-up

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