TMK UP PF is a premium casing connection for highly deviated directional wells.

Provides high performance in complex drilling environments (significant bending, compressive, tensile loads, torque, aggressive applications), and ensures gas tightness.

TMK UP PF connection for casing OD sizes — from 114.30 to 339.72 mm.

Cone-on-Cone Metal-to-Metal Seal
- 100% industry tested pipe body seal
- Torque shoulder for additional sealing area and additional protection against over-torqueing
Result: Guaranteed gas tightness, even under combined loading with internal pressure, tension, compression and bending

Positive Torque Stop
- Protects the connection against excessive makeup and compression
- Improves the effectiveness of "cone-on-cone" seal
- Improves resistance to compression
- Result: Enhanced wear resistance of the threads for multiple make-ups/break-outs; prevention of damage to the seal

Hook Thread Form
- 100% compression efficiency
- High torque capability for rotating downhole
Result: Minimized possibility of cross-threading or galling; allows for high performance in multiple oil and gas well applications

Reliable Make-Up
- deep-stabbing & quick, easy make-up
- ability to vary rotation speed during assembly
Result: Increased control during make-up

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