TMK UP GF is a premium connection with extra gas tightness properties used for the construction and operation of directional and horizontal wells with excessive concentration of CO2 and H2S.

TMK UP GF OD sizes — from 114 mm to 340 mm.

Sphere-and-Cone Internal Metal Seal
- Offers excellent gas tightness even under the most severe stresses
- Seal integrity keeps its properties after numerous make-ups/break-outs
Result: Sealability even under combined loading with internal pressure, tension, compression and bending

Positive Torque Stop
- Protects the connection against excessive makeup and compression
- Improves the effectiveness of "cone-on-cone" seal
- Improves resistance to compression
Result: Enhanced wear resistance of the threads for multiple make-ups/break-outs; prevention of damage to the seal

Hook Thread Form
- 100% compression efficiency
- High torque capability for rotating downhole
Result: Minimized possibility of cross-threading or galling; allows for high performance in multiple oil and gas well applications

Reliable Make-Up
- deep-stabbing & quick, easy make-up
- ability to vary rotation speed during assembly
Result: Increased control during make-up

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