Range: 4-1/2 – 5-1/2’’ / 114,3 – 140 mm

Unique Feature

- Patented ULTRA thread form

- High torque semi-premium connection

- Minimized hoop stress

- Over 50 million feet of successful run history with no H2S related failures

Thread Profile

- ULTRA full contact thread form maximizes critical cross sectional area

- Runout threads maximize critical cross-sectional area

- Close fitting thread minimizes movement within the connection and transfer of load onto the seal and shoulder under compression

- Thread root and crest are parallel to the pipe axis which results in easy stabbing

- Optimized thread profile offers robust galling resistance

- Reduced cross threading

- Increased bending capacity

- Sealability through thread compound

Pin Nose to Pin Nose Torque Stop

- Maximized area for high torque capacity

- Additional sealing barrier

- Internally flush which eliminates turbulent flow

- Repeatable, consistent make-up position

- Reduces connection hoop stress

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