Threaded Connections
TMK UP Series

Frame Capabilities

4.4 Million Pound Test Frame


 Specifications:  Applications:

 Maximum Tension Capacity
- 4.4M lbs. (2,000 Metric Tons)

Maximum Compression Capacity
3.1M lbs. (1400 Metric Tons)

Maximum Bending Force
200,000 lbs

Cylinder Stroke
19 inches maximum

Specimen Length

- 190 inches

- Combined Load Testing of OCTG Tubing and Casing Connection
up to 13-7/8" Pipe

- ISO 13679 Test Procedures & Special Oil Company Procedures/specifications

- Research & development Connection Testing

- Special Connection Failure Investigation testing

- Single or Double Sample Testing

Load Frame & Auxiliary Equipment Calibrations & Verifications

- Load frame calibrations and verifications are performed yearly using a Strainstall Master Load cell
- Yearly Master Load Cell Calibrations are performed by a 17025 accredited calibration laboratory
- Calibrations are performed with standards whose values and measurements are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
- All pressure transducers are calibrated yearly and are calibrated by an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory
- Strain DAQ software is verified by an ISO 17025 accredited lab using calibrated equipment that is calibrated on an anual basis with measurements traceable to NIST
- Daily, weekly and annual preventative maintenance is performed to ensure optimum and efficient test frame operation